Our processes are Profitable, Clean & Sustainable Changing Liabilities (Waste) to Assets (Energy - Ethanol)

Welcome to Genesyst UK Ltd

The Bioethanol and electricity generated through the Genesyst process represent an effective use of Bioenergy resources: greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, waste achieves an economic value and overall environmental impact is minimised. The flexibility in the Genesyst process enables the production of other Biofuels i.e Biobutanol to meet changing market demands.

The plant is enclosed resulting in minimal emissions and greenhouse gas production: significantly lower than with all thermal or composting processes.  Effectively, 95% of Biomass from municipal waste can be diverted from landfill leaving the residue inert and re‐usable.

A totally sealed process with no chimneys and virtually no odours, all types of Biomass waste can be handled resulting in “zero waste-to-landfill”. With a small footprint and low‐impact buildings we are considerably different to other typically intrusive waste handling operations.  No other processes come close, nor do they produce the GHG savings that we do.

This website contains details of our first planned UK project, and information about our processes, partners and company.   There are also 3 videos demonstrating our technology.
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