Our processes are Profitable, Clean & Sustainable Changing Liabilities (Waste) to Assets (Energy - Ethanol)


Genesyst United Kingdom Limited has agreed to work with the following companies as part of its business. They include:-

CH2M Hill - are the company's principal Consulting Engineer having first become so when they were Halcrow before merging with CH2m Hill in 2011. The company is a major internationaly renowned firm of Consulting Engineers with a reputation of the highest order with recognised senior leadership and expertise in water and waste water engineering and treatment, process engineering, and industrial processes and industrial effluent treatment, solid waste engineering and treatment as in the full environmental engineering area of work. This expertise also embraces operations and maintenance experience. As the selected partner CH2M Hill is able to offer imeasurable assistance to the programmes and projects which are currently under view by the company.


GenesystBV - a sister company, based in the Netherlands, currently working on the Hardenberg programme being developed to Convert non-food based Biomass discarded in Wastes derived from a combination of sources to make Methane, Butanol, Furfural and Electricity. The sources of Biomass includes that recovered from Municipal Solid Waste, Agriculture Straw and Vegetable Wastes; and Waste Water (Sewage) Sludge, Animal Manures and ABP. Genesyst BV has the most senior expertise in the fermentation of Cellulose and Hem-Cellulose as well as a major operational and support role for the Company assisting on all its projects and programmes. .

Mytum and Selby Waste Recycling Limited - based in Sherburn-in-Elmet (North Yorkshire) has 25+ years experience in the Waste Treatment and Recycling Industry, and is one of the largest waste recycling processors in the area. It is licenced to collect and manage and treat up to 1,000,000 tonnes of waste per year treating them in its sites in Yorkshire. The company is at the forefront in developing expertise waste recycling and treatment processes laying its position to be by far way ahead ahead of new Waste Regulations and Environmental Legislation. Mytum and Selby has been discussing with Genesyt a proposal for the Maltings Organic Treatment Centre at South Milford to convert various sources of non-food based Biomass to produce the biofuel Butanol, and the renewable energies Electricity and Heat. These discussions have now taken place with a Private Financier to set up a Stand-Alone Private DBOOT programme for the project, the project will therefore be referenced under its own name and web site.

Butanol is a superior biofuel for use in transport which can be used directly to replace petrol or gasoline in engines, without any modification; and it can be blended directly with petro-Diesel, and further by simple modifications it can also be converted to jet fuel. Butanol can be sold directly to the end-users and as a result the company is discussing this with end users in the European union.

Land and Marine Engineering Limited - based in North West England, is a multi-discipline company which operates in the oil, gas, water, energy and process engineering markets. It is part of the Murphy Group of companies working in various areas including the utilities, civil engineering, energy, and marine works within the UK and internationally. Its business areas includes engineering and consultancy, storage tanks, aviation fuel and water mains, specialist welding, fabrication and trench-less technology. As a partner company elected to work with Genesyst it brings with it the wealth of Engineering and Project Management skills it has developed over the past years, and will be the Leading Civil Engineer Contractor destined to work on the Maltings project with Genesyst.

Marriot Drilling Group - a major drilling company with a reputation for excellence. It has the expertise to provide the necessary drilling expertise to support the needs of the Genesyst in drilling and lining the water-style bore-holes for use as Gravity Pressure Vessels. Marriott Drilling has built a reputation for its services by providing un-rivalled drilling and associated services to the oil, gas and geothermal industries together with water well drilling, groundwater engineering and support services.

Wentworth House Partnership - is a specialise and well-established engineering design consultancy specialising in the safe, effective and imaginative design of temporary works, geotechnics and permanent works across a multiplicity of disciplines. It has successfully delivered some of the most technically advanced and innovative design ideas for many leading construction projects companies throughout the UK including waste water and waste treatment processing. With its design and process engineering the Company brings wih it a degree of professionalism that is well sought after and is why it also is one of the Genesyst partners for its works throughout the United Kingdom.

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