Our processes are Profitable, Clean & Sustainable Changing Liabilities (Waste) to Assets (Energy - Ethanol)

The Company

Genesyst UK Ltd is a Private Limited UK registered company.  Whilst being fully independent It benefits from sharing its name and a Director with Genesyst International Inc, the US company that invented the processes used, and which has licenced Genesyst UK to build and operate waste to biofuels plants throughout the UK and Ireland.

Genesyst UK’s five-year business plan focuses on the establishment of a sustainable waste-to-biofuels development and production company in the UK with sufficient operational and technical capability with low costs to remain at the forefront of Biofuels production and development in the UK and other territories.

The initial focus will be on the Bioethanol sector as this offers significant opportunities in the UK market. The management will continue to monitor and assess opportunities in the UK and other territories, whilst also considering changes to market demands for specific Biofuels and the adaptability of the Genesyst process in meeting those changing demands.

In developing our 2nd generation Biofuel refinery facilities, Genesyst UK will significantly assist the UK in meeting its obligations in respect of diverting waste from landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) and increasing UK production of Biofuels from sustainable feedstocks. The Genesyst GPV process will be able to do this at a lower development and operational cost and whilst being significantly more efficient than any other currently available process.

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